How to Get More Opt-Ins

Once you have your opt-in page (or box) sorted, and an autoresponder ready to go, there is still more that you can do in order to actually encourage a higher opt-in rate.

To put it simply: If you want more people to join your list, give them a good reason to want to join your list.

Incentives are the name of the game, and they can come in many shapes or sizes. Give your visitors something of value, and something that could even possibly assert your authority in the niche. For instance, a free report regarding some issue that is faced by many of your visitors would no doubt be of value to them, and at the same time, by writing one and helping them out, you’d be establishing your reputation as a trusted source of help and information.

If you don’t just want to hand out reports, there are other ways to go about this too. Free newsletters, free one-month memberships (if you run a membership website), free PLR articles or software… the possibilities are pretty much endless.

As long as it is something that pertains to the niche that you’re marketing to, then you’re on the right track.

Another equally good way to build up lists is to make an affiliate program out of one of your products. If you are willing to give out a large proportion of the profits, and the product is one that is known to sell well, then you’ll easily get tons of affiliate marketers to promote it for you. That way, all these affiliates will be sending you traffic and subscribing to your list as they buy your product.

Interesting Note: Building a list in this way is actually a very attractive option because it creates a list of already ‘proven buyers’, as opposed to people just opting in to get a free report.

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